PPE Supply and Inspection

What we do

In an era where safety and compliance are of utmost importance, Toss Consults offers unparalleled Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supply and rigorous inspection services. Ensure your team is protected and your equipment is up to standard with our comprehensive offerings.


PPE Supply

Safety first! Equip your workforce with the highest quality PPE tailored to specific job functions. From helmets and protective clothing to safety boots and goggles, we provide a wide range of equipment to ensure maximum protection.


Equipment Inspections

Using specialized tools and methods, our experienced inspectors assess the condition and functionality of your PPE. We guarantee that every item is fit for purpose and adheres to the latest safety standards.

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Post inspection, we offer certification services that validate the safety and functionality of your equipment. Our certifications are recognized industry-wide, giving you the confidence that your PPE meets all regulatory benchmarks.

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