Training & Capacity Building

What we do

Safety, proficiency, and competence are paramount in today’s dynamic work environment. At Toss Consults, we are committed to equipping your teams with the essential skills needed to tackle emergencies and ensure a safe workplace.

Emergency Response Training

Be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. Our comprehensive emergency response training prepares your staff to handle crises effectively, ensuring minimal disruption and safeguarding people and assets.


Fire Training

Prevent, combat, and recover – our fire training sessions encompass everything from fire prevention methods to hands-on firefighting techniques. Equip your team with the knowledge to act swiftly and decisively in the face of fire emergencies.


First Aid Training

Every second counts in a medical emergency. Our first aid training courses cover crucial lifesaving techniques, ensuring that your team can provide immediate assistance until professional medical help arrives.


Competent Persons Training and Certification

It’s vital to have designated competent persons who understand the nuances of workplace safety regulations and standards. We offer rigorous training programs followed by certification, designating and recognizing individuals who demonstrate an exceptional understanding of safety protocols.

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