Adhere to International Safety Standards at the lowest price to quality ratio.

We deal in personal protective equipment (PPE) in the East African region. Our main concerns are worker protection and workplace safety.

The risk of minor or fatal injuries, which can vary depending on your work environment, is minimized and protected by our personal protective equipment. We are accustomed to shipping goods over long distances, and the safety requirements of numerous nations are met by our products.


Product Categories

Body Protection

The protective clothing provided must be constructed of material that will protect against the specific hazards in the workplace.

Eye Protection

These include safety glasses, goggles, and face shields. They provide protection from flying particles, liquid splashes, heat, and glare.

Fall Protection

This is required for working higher than 4 feet, 6 feet for construction or any height above a hazardous location.

Foot Protection

Foot and leg protection include metatarsal protection, electrical hazard (EH) rated shoes, slip resistant shoes, puncture resistant shoes, etc.

Hand Protection

For rough work use work gloves or cut resistant gloves. Certain chemicals pose a skin absorption hazard.

Head Protection

Protective helmets reduce the amount of force to the head from impact. They are intended to provide limited protection against small objects.

Lifting Lashing

Lifting slings & lashing systems are an integral component of many lifting applications. We have a full line of lifting attachment products.

Respiratory Protection

Used to prevent overexposure to an inhalation hazard or irritant. Training & medical monitoring may be required.

Hearing Protection

Ear plugs and ear muffs are determined after an A hazard assessment. Our experts can measure the sound level and exposure.